Sunday has arrived and it looks like we have escaped the snow in Kimmeridge. The quads and landrovers are still on standby in case they are needed but it looks like the snow has moved to the east of us. Unlike 2010 when our little village was cut off for two days with snow and ice on our only road in and out of the village. Take a look on our about us page for some cool snow pics.

What a difference. This is Sue at the top of our village the snow was quite deep.


With snow forecast for the South coast at the weekend our Quad is on standby ready to answer any call that the Ambulance or Fire service might send us. It is quite rare to get heavy snow fall in our little village as we are so close to the sea, but when we do get snow travel becomes a nightmare. Our little village lies at the bottom of a steep hill with only the same road in and out of our village. Being a minor road we don’t get a visit from any gritting lorries, during the last heavy snow our quad and KERV landrovers were the only things moving. We were able to keep an eye on the community and help when needed. We hope you enjoy the photos below.


Sue getting to grips with the quad in the snow.




Cold weather is forecast for the next few days are you and your car ready. Allow extra time for your journey, roads maybe icey, check you car is fully serviced, check your tyre pressures are correct and you have good tread on your tryes, make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition and the washer bottle is full. Make sure all your lights work back and front. Does your car have enough antifreeze, ask a garage to check this for you if you can’t. Have warm colthing in your car in case you breakdown. Have a high viz vest or waistcoat in your car so if you need to get out because of a breakdown you will be seen by other road users. Keep a torch in your car you may need it if you breakdown at night. Plan your journey. In extreme weather, heavy snow or ice only travel if your journey is really necessary. THINK STAY SAFE.


We are preparing for some very high winds here on the south coast. Our Landrovers are on standby and loaded with a few bits of extra kit such as two chainsaws to deal with any fallen trees which might block roads around our village. We will be able to clear most routes quite quickly for the local traffic and any emergency vehicles that may need to use our roads and lanes. We also have our generator on standby in case power is lost due to fallen power cables. Take care on the roads and only travel if you have to. Stay tuned to local radio and TV channels for the latest weather forecast.