Our responders have been out again with the pagers bursting into life at around 14:50 yesterday afternoon ( 21/08/12 ) A call from ambulance control to a person who had slipped on the flat rocks in Kimmeridge bay and was suffering a head injury. Sue and Keith were quickly on the scene along with the Steve from our Kimmeridge Coastguard team. They found the person in the main car park being looked after by some other holiday makers. The person had a very nasty head wound and swelling to the back of their head and from what others had said this person had slipped up with both feet flying and landing straight on the back of their head. An ambulance arrived from Wimbourne some 30 minutes later and took the person to Poole A&E.
A gentle reminder to anyone who visits our wonderful bay the rocks are VERY VERY slippery, stay off anything that looks wet and is brown/black or green in colour, some of the flat rocks look very dry but take great care it’s like walking on ice. Wear good soled shoes or boots with good grip NOT flat soles or flip flops you can change into this type of footwear once you make your camp on the beach. If you need medical help sometimes it is difficult to contact the emergency services from the beach on a mobile due to the high cliffs and poor reception, you may get a phone signal from the main car park. Once you have contacted the emergency services send someone to guide us to the incident as Kimmeridge Bay is a big place and can get very busy especially on the beach.
Don’t let this put you off visiting our wonderful bay it truly is a wonderful place to visit and relax. Take care and stay safe.



Our responders were alerted tonight at 21:10 to the neighbouring village of Church Knowle to a person with chest pains. Our crew were on scene and at the persons side in under six minutes. The ambulance arrived some ten minutes later. Responder groups around the country can be true lifesavers to their communities providing life saving care to those in need. All our responders are unpaid volunteers giving up their time to help others, volunteers use their own cars and fuel which they themselves pay for out of their own pockets. If you feel you could support us take a look at our wish list page and contact us via our contact page. We welcome your support to continue our work.


With snow forecast for the South coast at the weekend our Quad is on standby ready to answer any call that the Ambulance or Fire service might send us. It is quite rare to get heavy snow fall in our little village as we are so close to the sea, but when we do get snow travel becomes a nightmare. Our little village lies at the bottom of a steep hill with only the same road in and out of our village. Being a minor road we don’t get a visit from any gritting lorries, during the last heavy snow our quad and KERV landrovers were the only things moving. We were able to keep an eye on the community and help when needed. We hope you enjoy the photos below.


Sue getting to grips with the quad in the snow.