This weekend part of the team will be at the Purbeck Rally in Wareham Dorset. This is truly a brilliant show with something for the whole family. Classic cars, tractors, steam engines large and small, military vehicles craft stalls and trade stands. The show dates are Friday 10th August, Saturday 11th August and Sunday 12th August. Gates open early so come on down and enjoy an excellent country show. Pop along and say hello to the crew take a look around one of our Landrovers and the response quad. A big big thank you to Donna, Richard, Keith and all the rest of the guys and girls of the Purbeck Rally team for your support of KERV. Pictures of the weekend will follow in later blogs.


The Landrover 109 looking very shiny, sometimes I think we have shares in a polish company.


A bonnet to eat your dinner off, just no scratching the paint work.


With snow forecast for the South coast at the weekend our Quad is on standby ready to answer any call that the Ambulance or Fire service might send us. It is quite rare to get heavy snow fall in our little village as we are so close to the sea, but when we do get snow travel becomes a nightmare. Our little village lies at the bottom of a steep hill with only the same road in and out of our village. Being a minor road we don’t get a visit from any gritting lorries, during the last heavy snow our quad and KERV landrovers were the only things moving. We were able to keep an eye on the community and help when needed. We hope you enjoy the photos below.


Sue getting to grips with the quad in the snow.




High winds are forecast for the south of England. Take care on the roads, look out for standing water and debris that will litter the roads. Allow extra time for your journey. If you are traveling in the evening make sure you have a torch and some form of Hi Viz jacket in the car. If you have to stop for fallen debris put on your Hi Viz and have your torch to hand, make sure you can be seen by other road users. Let someone know your route and what time you expect to arrive, if you get stuck someone will be able to track your route back to you. Keep upto date with the latest weather forecast by the TV or local radio. Stay safe, drive safe.