Last Friday ( 3rd August ) saw a very rare occurrence the Welsh Family left the village for a rare day out. As Sub officer Welsh is a bit of a train nut along with his nephew Dan it was decided that a trip to the West Somerset Railway was a good idea. So ensuring that the village was in safe hands off they set. Arriving at Bishops Lydeard train station to catch the 10:10 to Minehead, being pulled by a Manor class loco as informed by Dan, they set off on a 20 mile trip to Minehead. They decided to break the return journey at Watchet where they enjoyed a blow out picnic with a side order of chips. While eating a familiar blue and white sign came into view, a coastguard station of course Sub Officer Welsh had to go and have a look. He got to the station to find a CRO ( Coastguard Rescue Officer ) cleaning some Mud rescue gear after a training session. This chap made the Welsh’s very welcome, so thank you to the CRO at Watchet, I’m sorry they didn’t get your name. More on Watchet Coastguard in later blogs. So if your reading this chaps thanks again from the Welsh’s.


Mrs B Welsh, Station Officer Welsh, Dan Welsh, Sub Officer Welsh, Firefighter Sue Welsh.

With the annual trip out of the village gone by the Welsh’s can settle back into village life, keeping Kimmeridge safe and sound. With a busy weekend ahead for the team at the Purbeck Rally in Wareham Dorset they need a rest after such a hectic day. More on the Purbeck Rally in later blogs.It’s a great day out, come and say hi the dates are 10th 11th an 12th of August.


More pictures of our Ford pumping drill. On our truck we carry a piece of equipment called a slipper strainer, this piece of equipment can lift water only a few centimetres deep. It can be useful for pumping out flood water from buildings.


The slipper strainer is placed up stream into the flow, you can see it attached to the black hard suction, we have placed a dividing breach under the hard suction to raise it up a little so that the strainer is under the water. If the strainer breaks the surface it will lose the prime in the pump and the water flow will stop.


A good main jet from water only a few centimetres deep.


As with any small village most people wear two hats at least, Kimmeridge is no different. Two of our fire team are also coastguards with the local cliff team as are two of our medical responders. One of our team regularly goes out on patrol with the Swanage Coastguard team, he has the habit of finding jobs or shouts as they are called ( or do they find him! ) Friday was no different while out on patrol with the Swanage station officer they came across a fishing boat, while pulling his nets he had slipped his anchor and ended up stern first on the beach. After making sure the skipper was OK the patrol went on its way. He has been out three times and had three jobs, now thats what we call poaching.Take a look at Swanage Coastguards blog page on their Web site. You can find a link on our links page.


Here are a few more shots of our weekend training with the Bluebell Railway Fire Service.
Many good friends were made on our visits to Sussex friendships we still have today.


Hose running. Is that our station officer ( White Helmet ) we see running hose, contrary to all the rumours our station officer does now and again like to get his hands dirty!!!!!


That’s more like it back to looking after all our safety.

As you can see at the start our fire helmets were the older style type with external visors. Our fire kit is the older blue style. The Bluebell guys had the more modern type helmet the Cromwell 600 which we now have, but more about that in later blogs.


The rear Pump end of the Bluebell Railway Fire Appliance.


A little bit of history way back in 2004 we were very lucky to be twinned with a private Fire Service that protected the line and properties of the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. This heritage steam railway had its own fully equipped fire service. The service ran with one landrover a full size Renault Dodge Midi Fire Appliance and a support van, like us the guys also responded for the Ambulance service to medical calls not only on the railway but also to outlying villages. Over the next few blogs we hope to bring you some fine photos of our guys and girls working together on a training weekend we held with the Bluebell guys.

A fine line up. The Kimmeridge Fire unit have red lettering on their jackets the Bluebell guys have a badge as well. The guys and girl are stood in front of the Midi size Renault Fire appliance.


Bluebells old Landrover in front of the Fire Station which was at Haywards Heath. The support van to its side.


Support van used mainly for responder shouts and to carry extra equipment. This was also used by the officer in charge for line side or railway property inspections.