Well after a very hot day we are back from a shout. The pagers burst into life at 18:55 on the19/08/12 and thankfully we had just finished our tea. Responding to the pages Ian, Keith, Sue, Helen and Steve took the call. Control informing us that a person had fallen on the beach at a remote place called Worbarrow bay. Ian informed Ambulance control that the Coastguard would be required as the gate down to the beach would be locked and it’s over a mile over a rough road to get to the beach. So all the responders decided to go as many hands may have been required to possibly carry the person off the beach. Our back up was an RRV Paramedic coming from Wareham. On arrival at the beach the person was found standing in pain, cold and a little wet after a swim. The Lulworth Coastguard Team arrived on scene and it was decided to put the person in a Coastguard stretcher and carry the person up to a waiting ambulance. It’s at times like this our small communities work best, both Ian and Steve are also Coastguards in the Kimmeridge team so were familiar with the Coastguard equipment. It all worked very well. I think the poor Paramedic from Bournmouth found it all a little strange having all these people around who all know each other, I suppose you get used to working in Bournmouth on your own. Still I think the Paramedic was glad to be out on a beautiful beach in the Purbecks. Thanks to Lulworth Coastguard as always good to work with you guys and girls see you on the next one. Thanks as well to our responders who give their time for free, thanks guys.