After a busy Monday the pagers yet again burst into life at 20:37 ( 8.37pm )Tuesday evening to a call from ambulance control to say that they were taking a call from the bay area from a worried parent whose child had fallen earlier during the day hitting their head and was now being very very sick and very quiet. Responders Keith, Ian, Sue, Helen and Steve turning out for the shout. It was decided to take two cars to go to the bay area as the caller did not quite know where they exactly were, all they could say was that they were in a car park. As Kimmeridge bay has three car parks, it was decided that Keith, Sue, and Ian search the main car park and Steve and Helen the boat car park and slipway. A little while later the persons were located in the slipway car park. Ambulance back up was some 40 minutes away. Observation were carried out on the child and details taken while awaiting the arrival of the Ambulance crew. The child and mother were taken to Poole A&E. It just goes to prove how vital a responder scheme is to a small isolated community, had this child been critically ill our responders were with them in seven minutes this included looking for them. They would have been able to give life saving treatment until the arrival of the ambulance. A BIG THANK YOU to all our volunteers who give up their time for no pay or reward. THANK YOU.