Talk about busy. Our pagers broke the still nights silence at 01:44 ( 1.44am ) this Wednesday morning. The call from ambulance control was for a person vomiting blood. Responders Steve, Helen, Keith,Bernard, Sue and Ian responded to the call. Now readers may wonder why all of our responders turn up, because of our wonderful position mobile phones, radios and the like don’t work. Our unit uses a pager system so when alerted all the units pagers go off. So back to the shout, after receiving the address it was decided that we all go so we could drop off responders dressed in Hi Viz Jackets on route to guide the Ambulance to this address ( I forgot to say Sat Navs don’t work either, well they will get you to the top of the village and say you have arrived ) the address in question would be almost impossible to find on Sat Nav alone. Sue and Bernard were positioned up the narrow road while Steve, Helen Ian and Keith headed for the address. On arrival at the address they found a very distressed person. Steve and Ian dealt with the person while Helen and Keith filled in the paper work. A Paramedic in an RRV arrived from Swanage a little while later only to be told yet again an Ambulance was being dispatched from Poole!! After some brill signposting from Sue and Bernard the Ambulance arrived to take the Person off to Poole A&E. So for the weary responders it was off to bed, the time 03:00 ( 3.00am ) ready to get up for work a little later in the morning, for me it was about 06:00 ( 6.00am ). Why you may ask do we do it. FOR THE GOOD OF OTHERS.
THANKS AGAIN to all our brilliant responders, being there taking care.