Our local Kimmeridge Coastguard crew of Martin and Ian were out for a sunny patrol on a hot Sunday morning in our local area when a visit to National Coastwatch lookout at St Albans head witnessed what looked like an invasion. Coming from the east ( from the Swanage direction ) white water was all that could be seen. A large number of small craft heading their way at speed had the poor NCI watchkeepers hopping up and down wondering how they were going to log all these fast craft heading their way, as the craft closed the lookout it became clear that these were fast RIBs ( Rigid inflatable boats ) on closer inspection through powerful binoculars it became clear that all had Police markings on the side of the craft. Some 25 RIBs passed the lookout with the NCIs watchkeepers doing a grand and very professional job logging these fast moving craft. It made quite a sight. The craft were on route to Portland Dorset to help with the security for the Olympic sailing events.

A picture of the craft.

RIBs passing NCI Coastwatch St Albans head lookout.