Our responder team had a busy day yesterday ( Monday ) at about 12.00 noon the pagers burst into life for a call down at the beach. Our station officer Keith was at home trying to get his hedge cut which is quite tall and very long so as is usual he called on the help of Steve who not only is a very good gardener but also has all the right tools for the job. Now Steve with his other hat on is the officer in charge of our Coastguard cliff rescue team here at Kimmeridge. Keith’s pager burst into life first followed a nano second later by Steve’s Coastguard pager. Keith called Ambulance control on the radio who advised him that a person had slipped on the rocks on the beach. Hedge cutting dropped the pair proceeded to the beach. Steve by this time had asked the Coastguard control to team page ( put all the pagers in for the rest of the team ) the rest of the Kimmeridge team as the position of the person might require a long carry back along the beach in the Coastguard stretcher.
Our other Steve responded to his Coastguard pager and collected the Coastguard Truck from its garage and proceeded to the beach car park. Our Sub officer Ian ( who was shopping in Wareham on a day off )responded to his pager and met them in the car park as well. Southwestern Ambulance Service had sent an RRV ( Rapid Response Vehicle ) from Swanage with a Paramedic on board. On getting down to the beach the person was a long distance to the west side of Kimmeridge bay over very slippery rocks. The Paramedic called for back up from a Road ambulance. On reaching the person who had slipped and landed badly on their arm it became clear that a long bumpy carry back along the beach would be very painful indeed. A joint plan came together that it would be safer for all that the Air Ambulance should be used to lift this person an take them to Poole A&E. So clearing a very busy beach of all the people who had come down to Kimmeridge bay on the hottest day of the year so far to enjoy the cool clear waters, the Air Ambulance came into land and the person was swiftly carried away. Steve and Ian then drove the Coastguard truck to Poole A&E to collect the Coastguard stretcher. Keith and Steve returned to hedge cutting with Keith worried that the hourly rate for the hedge had now racked up many hours, the call out finally rapping up at about 15:00 Hrs ( 3.00pm ). All persons back safe and sound we all returned back to our daily tasks. Ian enjoyed what was left of his day off, or so he thought. A little after 19:45 and during their evening meal the pagers burst into life again this time a responder call to the next village along to a person who was possibly having a Stroke. Ian and Sue responded along with an RRV from Swanage and an Ambulance from Wareham. Returning home at about 21:20 to a cold meal the busy day drew to a close. The start of a busy summer perhaps???

A responder pager.

A Coastguard pager.